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  • Roll, Pitch and Heading Angle in Dynamic
  • Enhanced Performance Kalman Filter
  • High Stability MEMS Sensors
  • EMI & Vibration Resistant


  • General Aviation Avionics
  • Advanced Flight displays
  • Advanced autopilots

AX1-[ ]

The Axitude AX1-[ ] is a high performance, solid-state attitude and heading reference system intended for General Aviation applications, such as advanced flight displays and autopilots.

The Axitude AX1-[ ] provides accuracy and usability that comply with the demands of the relevant EASA ETSO standards.
In more details the system has been designed to comply with the demands of the Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) high standards of safety and reliability, including an extensive built in test (BIT) capability. This means that the strap-down inertial subsystem provides attitude and heading measurements with static and dynamic accuracy that exceeds traditional spinning mass vertical and directional gyros.
Further, the system provides an accurate inertial reference in avionics dynamic environments that include altitude, temperature, shock and vibration ranges according to the guidelines in DO-160D
“Environmental Conditions and Procedures for Airborne Equipment”.
The Axitude AX1-[ ] provides the following basic features:

✓Attitude, velocity and acceleration components
✓High relative and absolute accuracies (superior to vertical and directional gyros)
✓Real-time response in highly dynamic environments
✓Unaffected by environment
✓Integrity monitoring (BIT)
✓High reliability
✓Compatibility with avionics suite requirements
✓Price affordability for the GA market

The Axitude AX1-[ ] implements its features by employing proprietary extended Kalman Filter algorithms to determine stabilized roll, pitch, and heading angles in static and dynamic conditions. The Kalman Filter implementation results in a continuous on-line gyro bias calibration, and an adaptive attitude and heading measurement that is stabilized by the long term gravity and magnetic north references.

Output data is provided through a RS232 digital format interface. Future versions will also provide a choice of standard avionic bus interfaces.

Each inertial system comes with both an Installation and User’s Manuals offering helpful hints on installation and product information. In addition, Axitude provides a comprehensive suite of software to assist you in installation, system evaluation and allows you to perform data acquisition.

Software DO-178B Level B
FAA Design Approval: TSO-C4c and TSO-C6e
Specifications AX1-100 Remarks
Update Rate (Hz) 102.4
Start-up Time Valid Data (sec) <10
Fully Stabilized Data (sec) <100 Under static conditions
Range: Roll/ Pitch (°) ± 180/ ± 90
Static Accuracy (°) ± 0.5 Measured on level surface
Dynamic Accuracy (° rms) ± 2.5 ETSO C4c Test Conditions
Resolution (°) < 0.0055
Range (°) ± 180
Accuracy (° rms) ± 2 ETSO C6d Test Conditions
Resolution (°/LSB) < 0.0055
Angular Rate
Range: Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw (°/sec) ± 200
Bias stability: (°/sec) (with temp. compensation) ± 0.8 over the temperature range
Resolution (°/sec) < 0.037
Bandwidth (Hz) 30 -3 dB point
Input Range: X/Y/Z (g) ± 10
Bias stability: (mg) (with temp. compensation) ± 17 over the temperature range
Resolution (°/sec) < 0.46
Bandwidth (Hz) 30 -3 dB point
Operating Temperature (°C) -40 to +70
Non-Operating Temperature (°C) -55 to +85
Operating Vibration (g rms) DO-160D Section 8 Category S / Curves M and U
Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 12 to 30V ED-14D/ DO-160D Section 16 – Cat. B
Power Consumption (W) about 4 at 24 VDC
Digital Output Format RS-232
Size (in) 5.90×6.54×2.99
(mm) 150 x166 x 76
Weight (lbs) 3.31
(Kg) 2
Connector 25 pin DB male
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