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  • Roll, Pitch and Heading Angle in Dynamic Environments
  • WAAS/EGNOS enabled GPS Navigation
  • Enhanced Performance Kalman Filter
  • Algorithm
  • High Stability MEMS Sensors
  • EMI & Vibration Resistant


  • General Aviation Avionics
  • Advanced Flight displays
  • Autopilots
  • Advanced Flight Control Systems in UAV programs



The Axitude AX1-GNS2 is an high performance Navigation and GPS-Aided Attitude & Heading Reference system (AHRS) intended for a wide range of applications. Such applications include either advanced flight displays and autopilots for general aviation aircrafts and advanced Flight Control Systems for UAV MALE programs. The Axitude AX1-GNS2 is made of three separate components, communicating through a dedicated electrical interface: AX1- ATU, AX1-MSU and AXA-GPS.

AX1-ATU is an attitude sensor based on MEMS technology designed to elaborate the inertial measurements. Such measurements are then combined with data coming from AX1-MSU and AXA-GPS to implement both a GPS Navigation and GPS-Aided Attitude & Heading Reference system. The AX1-ATU is the only interface to the aircraft systems, since it provides digital outputs that can be used with advanced flight digital instruments.

AX1-MSU is a remote magnetic sensing unit used to perform heading sensing.

AXA-GPS is a GPS satellite sensor system with SBAS support, integrated with above components. It is based on a WASS/EGNOS Receiver (AXA-GPS-R) and a separated GPS sensor antenna (AXA-GPS-A).

The AX1-GNS2 product belongs to the Axitude AX1-[ ] series of products. As a result, the AX1-GNS2 system and all of its components have been designed to comply with the demands of the Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) high standards of safety and reliability, including an extensive built in test (BIT) capability.

Further, the system provides an accurate Navigation and Inertial reference in avionics dynamic environments that include altitude, temperature, shock and vibration ranges according to the guidelines in RTCA/DO- 160E “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment”.

The Axitude AX1-GNS2 provides the following basic features:

->Attitude, body angular rates and acceleration components

->Position, velocity and precise time (PVT) solutions;

->High relative and absolute accuracies

->Acceptable real-time response in highly dynamic environments

->Unaffected by environment

->Integrity monitoring (BIT)

->High reliability

->Compatibility with avionics suite requirements

->Price affordability for all application

The design of high quality navigation device gain a great benefit from the integration of MEMS inertial technology inside the Global Navigation Satellite Systems domain. Thus deliver the availability of a new class of hybrid Global Positioning System, the INS aided GPS. Axitude AX1-GNS2 is one of that.

AX1-GNS2 implements its features by using proprietary extended Kalman Filter algorithms to allow the unit to track orientation accurately through dynamic maneuvers. The Kalman filter will automatically adjust for changing dynamic conditions without any external user input. No user intervention or configuration is required at power-up. Best performances are provided when GPS aiding is available.

Output data is provided through a RS422 digital format interface. Future versions will also provide a choice of standard avionic bus interfaces.

Each inertial system comes with both an Installation and User’s Manuals offering helpful hints on installation and product information. In addition, Axitude provides a comprehensive suite of software to assist you in installation, system evaluation and allows you to perform data acquisition.

Software RTCA/DO-178B Level B
Complex Hardware RTCA/DO-254 Level B
AXA-GPS Receiver
TSO-C145c Class Beta 1
Non-Precision Approach (LNAV) as per RTCA/DO-229D
Software RTCA/DO-178B Level C
Complex Hardware RTCA/DO-254 Level C
AXA-GPS Antenna
TSO-129a – TSO-144 – TSO-190 – RTCA/DO-301 – MIL-HDBK- 5400 – MIL-STD-810 – ARINC-743A.


The AXD-LNS product belongs to the Axitude series of products developed for the defense market. Axitude can provide low, medium and high accuracy inertial technical solution for defense application according to MIL standards. Such solutions are based on a deep knowledge of inertial controls in dynamic environments and they are tailored on the specific needs of customers. Axitude long experience in the integration of embedded, hardware and firmware, solution is a key asset to the delivery of customer satisfaction.

Specifications AX1-GNS2 Remarks
Performance GPS not available GPS available
Update Rate (Hz)                         102.4
Start-up Time Valid Data (sec)                              <5
Fully Stabilized Data (sec) 60 120 (60+60) I) static conditions II) GPS providing accurate data
Range: Roll/ Pitch (°)               ± 180/ ± 90
Static Accuracy (°) ± 0.5 ± 0.5 Measured on level surface
Dynamic Accuracy (° rms) ± 2.5 ± 1.5 ETSO C4c Test Conditions
Resolution (°)                      0.0055
Magnetic Heading
Range (°)                       ± 180
Accuracy (° rms)                          ± 2 ETSO C6d Test Conditions
Resolution (°/LSB)                      0.0055
Angular Rate
Range: Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw (°/sec)                     ± 200
Bias stability: (°/sec) (with temp. compensation)                     ± 0.8 over the temperature range
Accuracy (°/s) ± 0.14 (up to 20°/s) ± 0.3 (full scale) ± 0.14 (up to 20°/s) ± 0.3 (full scale)
Resolution (°/s/LSB)                      0.0137
Bandwidth (Hz)                         10 -3 dB point
Input Range: X/Y/Z (g)                       ± 10
Bias stability: (mg) (with temp. compensation)                       ± 17 over the temperature range
Accuracy (mg) ± 10 ± 10
Resolution (mg)                       0.46
True Heading
Range (°)                      ± 180
Accuracy (°) ± 2
Resolution (°/LSB)                      0.0055
Range (m/s)                     ± 300
Accuracy (m/s) ± 2.5 ± 0.5 (RMS)
Resolution (m/s /LSB)                  0.0092
Range (°)                 ± 90
Accuracy (°) (UHNE 8m)
Resolution (°/LSB)                 0.0000001
Range (°)                     ± 180
Accuracy (°) (UHNE 8m)
Resolution (°/LSB)                 0.0000001
Range (°)                 -1000/2200
Accuracy (°) (UVNE 10m)
Resolution (°/LSB)                        0.38
Input Supply Voltage                      12 to 30V
Power Consumption                    about 10W
Digital Output Format                         RS-422 25 pin DB male connector