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The company possesses the necessary tools to carry out the work required.

All equipments, instruments and machineries are subject to plans for routine maintenance and calibration.

Below is a general list:

  • Design software application and 3D and 2D mechanical modeling
  • Software for FEM structural analysis
  • Software and Firmware Development Environments
  • Development Environments for programmable logic
  • Development Environment for electronic design and routing
  • Simulation Environment analog and digital electronics
  • Numerical control machines
  • DEA measuring machines
  • Tools and equipment for the development and testing of mechanical and electronic products
  • Stations for welding wire and electrode
  • Soldering irons and soldering stations for electronic components
  • climatic chambers
  • Train to shock and vibration
  • Rate Table with Two-Axis Motion Controller, combined with climatic chamber (LN2) with a rate of 5 ° C / m range -60 ° C / +125 ° C Vacuum pipe up to 1 mbar
  • Climatic chambers with humidity control for volumes up to 80 cm3
  • 5KN Vibration System with Slip Table 600 × 600 mm, profiles Sine, Random, Sine on Random, Shock
  • Vacuum Chamber up to 1 mBar
  • Tri-Axis Helmholtz coil dimensions 2.5 mt3
  • Table Scorsby
  • Remote Controlled Power Systems
  • Soldering Stations
  • Stations Test and Functional Test

In addition, the company has the equipment to handle inside the processes of painting, electroplating and screen printing.