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The company has a proven experience of over thirty years in design, realization and maintenance of mechatronic products for military and civil applications related marine, terrestrial and airport areas.
The potential developed is:

  • Electronic and mechanical design
  • 3D modeling and structural, thermal and noise analysis
  • Calculations for the determination of MTBF and MTTR
  • Drafting test plans, environmental qualification (shock, vibration, EMC, temperature, etc…)
  • Tests execution in an accredited laboratory for products validation
  • Documentation management and configuration of products according to military standards of reference
    Mechanical Production
  • Electronic Production
  • Electromechanical Integration
  • Tests and Testing
  • Assistance at field level and logistics
  • Product Design & Organization
  • Planning activities, defining specific High Level
  • Design of embedded systems
  • Developing complex algorithms
  • Sensor Fusion
  • standard SW Design RTCA/DO-178B
  • Complex Hardware Design FPGA / CPLD standard RTCA/DO-254B
  • Electronic and mechanical design
  • PCB Design
  • Product engineering
  • Drafting test plans, qualification RTCA/DO-160G environmental standards and MIL -STD- 810G (shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, altitude, lightning, EMC, etc …)
  • Performing in-house environmental testing, in its own laboratory certificate ENAC
  • Run tests in an accredited laboratory for the validation of products
  • Configuration management and documentation assisted
  • Customer service from the definition of the specific involved systems
  • Assistance and Maintenance