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GMA - Le origini

GMA – the origin

Generale Meccatronica Applicata S.r.l. (GMA) has thirty five years of history behind it and grows thanks to projects developed for a major company in the field of electronics, Selex Integrated Systems (formerly Alenia). A young entrepreneur project, Angelo Punzi, begins to take shape in Qualiano, in the province of Naples, in 1977, with the production of complex mechanical elements for companies in the world of professional electronics, civil and military. Since its inception, GMA aims at achieving high standards of quality.

Winning business philosophy: GMA today – despite the crisis and a difficult environment – with a new plant opened in May 2013 within the area of ASI Giugliano in Campania, is a concrete evidence of a long and courageous search path and continuous improvement. The entrepreneur Punzi had set the goal of “fly higher and higher, every day to see farther”. So he did: In 2002, GMA extends its activities to include electronic and electro design and integration. In 2010, it diversifies its customer base and faces the avionics sector with the acquisition of Axitude, a private Italian company that designs and manufactures inertial and navigation platforms for aerospace, marine and terrestrial, both for military and civilian market. GMA – with important companies of Finmeccanica – to August 2013 was the first business network for Defense in Southern Italy. In the marine industry, manufacturing and designing systems for static and dynamic stabilization of yachts, successfully presented at the most prestigious international fairs in the world.

GMA designs and manufactures military electronic equipment, consoles and racks for military and civil applications, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, complete with all the electronic parts including COTS components, inertial platforms certified by ENAC and EASA  intended for certified aircraft of general aviation and non-avionics, navigation system AX1 GNS that integrates a GPS and terrestrial navigation platform AXD-LNS used on the first Italian Sky-Y UAV, the latter intended for vehicles of the Italian army. One of the annunciation panels for aircraft has been used for the trainer aircraft of Alenia Aermacchi SF260. The system AX1 Marine is used in nautical applications on large yachts for both static and dynamic stabilization. It has been used on a 58 foot yacht that represents the flagship of FIART sea, boating Italian company.