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Company Management:
Corporate governance is conducted personally by the entrepreneur Angelo Punzi with the support of Managers, with a long and proven track record, the head of primary Corporate Functions such as Marketing, Research & Development and Design, Administration, Quality, Materials Management, Production and Purchasing.

Organisation and ICT

GMA/Axitude to meet the challenge set in global market has gained greater flexibility and efficiency by investing in the potential of ICT solutions in the service of business.
The Company is equipped with state of the art IT infrastructure in terms of technologies used through the use of systems supplied by leading player such as IBM and Cisco.
To achieve this goal the company has implemented an ERP system based on IBM AGC vision four, which connects the potential design and manufacturing company with the wishes of our customers and the needs of the suppliers.
In the Designing area the company has set up a system for the management of documentation and configuration of Collaboration Desktop Parallaksis.
The organization is able to follow the entire development cycle of a product and manage complex programs.

Knowledge and Design
Established ten years experience in the field of mechanical and electronic design. The Company has a long and proven experience in the design of mechatronic systems for civil and military applications in the field of marine, avionics and land.
In particular within the Avionics the Company is certified POA (Production Organization Approval) and ADOA (Alternative Design Organization Approval). The company is equipped with machinery and equipment suitable for the verification of environmental requirements such as temperature, shock and vibration.
Mechanics and electronics Production
The organization has two specific areas for the construction of mechanical and electromechanical products. All of the product realization processes are integrated and managed in the ERP system through the AGC of IBM and include:
Planning of production activities
Technological Infrastructure
Control system
Two automated warehouses
Department of Mechanical and Electronic assembly
Department of Shipping

The production and control of the same in both mechanical and electronic equipment is done with tools to Hw and Sw in line with the standard of workmanship required by reference customers.

Quality and control

The quality system shall ensure compliance with the requirements of the customer and the applicable regulations.
The Company has the following certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

UNI EN ISO 14001-2004

BSOHSAS 18001:2007

UNI EN ISO 9100:2009
The Company is accredited as a provider of top-level companies in the landscape such as the National Selex-ES, MBDA and WASS.

The controls carried out by trained and qualified personnel, are performed at the measuring room, equipped with various apparatus for the detection of high-precision measurements.